Non Politicus.
Ipsum Transparentus.
Zero Bullshitters.

Though the above three phrases describe our culture best, for those of you who don’t speak Latin, here it is in plain English.

We at OktoBuzz fiercely believe in a completely transparent working culture. There’s a very serious zero-politics policy and everyone is expected to leave their airs at home. We believe in vibes and allow only fabulous, fun, and positive vibes into our office, work, and lives.

We really care about our people and that shows in the little things: Yoga three times a week to help with the midday work fatigue. Dance class once a week to shake things up a little. Everyone’s a foodie and there’s always some to share. We watch a LOT of movies. Did we mention Poker?

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  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Miscellaneous


0-1 years | Dabbled in social
media, website, and video content |

Grammar Nazi

Social Media Executive

1+ years | Skilled at social media content
and execution on all social media platforms |

Creative is Your Middle Name

Social Media Manager

2+ years | Adept at planning
and strategising for campaigns |

Social Media Addict

Senior Social Media Manager

3+ years | Successfully managed
multiple end-to-end digital campaigns |


SEM Analyst

1+ years | Must have created paid social media
campaigns and executed the same |

Excels at ‘Excel’

Creative Director

8+ years | Leading teams across verticals with a
result-oriented objective and a creative execution |

One head, many hats


0-1 years | Good sense of
digital design |

Quick Learner

Graphic Designer & Visualiser

2+ years | Proficient in Photoshop and all
major design softwares |

New Age Da Vinci

UX/UI Designer

2+ years | Design for multiple
platforms with simplicity |

Minimalism is religion

Motion Graphics Designer

2+ years | Created some kickass
videos single-handedly or in a team |

Pro at Premiere Pro

Art Director

6+ years | Understanding,
communicating and executing designs |

Pure Visionary


1+ years | Prepare asset, liability, and
capital account entries |

Number Cruncher

Human Resources

2 years | Experienced in recruitment,
induction, executing HR policies |

The Go -To Person at Work